Fantastic Fairy Gardens

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As the weather is brightening up our thoughts are turning to outside projects. One thing that never fails to capture my imagination are all of the beautiful Fairy Gardens that you see springing up across the internet. These are not only very creative but suit fair sized gardens and small. I’ve also seen them inside!

What is a Fairy Garden?

Beautiful miniature gardens that are created in a container or flower pot. You can use almost anything for the base, in some cases it can even be broken. Small plants are added along with decorations and ornaments to create a small world. Let your imagination run wild!

If you need houses and props for your Fairy Garden don’t forget to check out all of the beautiful options on ETSY


The Fairy Garden
Source – This Fairy House belongs to The Creamer Chronicles


Scale is all important for your garden so if you need a little help to choose the perfect plants. Better Homes and Gardens has a wonderful list of plants that are great to use.

Broken Pot Fairy Gardens

These are a fabulous idea to make use of any broken garden pots. We all have them lying around don’t we. Instead of just throwing them out, why not create a beautiful, magical world in miniature?

You can let your imagination run wild and make them as fantastical as you like.

There is a tutorial for this beauty HERE

Found at

Size really doesn’t matter, take a look at this lovely teacup Fairy Garden by Lifeisaparty. Click the image to visit the blog.
Magical Lights in the Fairy Garden by Little Tudor on the Prairie Click image to visit blog

What about props?

So you have your pot, container or part of the garden. You’ve found your plants and stones etc. But unless you want to liberate the furniture from your daughters dolls house you may be a bit short of props to give your freshly created miniature world that lived in feeling. Well we can help you there!

Etsy has a wealth of incredible hand made fairy garden props. Who knew!

I’ve had a wander through and selected some of my favourites. Here is a link  where you can find lots more.

Fairy Bed, Bedside Table, Lamp & Bedding by FairiesofTranquility Click image to visit store
Country Cottage Wooden 3D Fairy Door Craft Kit By AlchemyEngraving Click image to visit store
Fairy garden kit By LittleSucculents Click image to visit store
Miniature Rain Boots for Fairy Garden by FlyingToFairyland Click image to visit store
Fairy garden house by DreamFairyGardens Click image to visit store
Fairy Wheelbarrow By FairiesofTranquility Click image to visit store

Have we inspired you to make your own miniature world?

It’s a wonderful idea isn’t it!
Are you going to have a go at making your own Fairy Garden? I do hope so.
If you do make one please send in some pictures as I’d love to catch up and see them all.
Email them to me at

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