An Interview with Laney’s Crafts

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We started out as Paper crafters and after many years of crafting and thousands spent on supplies we had several life changing events. I lost my job and my partner became very ill around about the same time, thus needing me home to care for her. It was around this time with very little money coming in that we realised how expensive crafting actually is so in September last year we decided to open our craft Business ‘Laney’s Crafts’ not just to provide us with an income but to also wherever we can supply craft products at a price that anyone can afford. As a Doctor did quote that Crafting is a great help with Mental Illness and also Depression I thought about all the crafters that cannot work because of illness so cannot afford the prices asked by the big shops and so I try as best I can to keep my prices as low as possible but that isn’t always possible.

Steve with Dawn Bibby

Tell us a bit about the artist behind your creations.

As a Craft supply business owner I don’t have any particular Artist but I do have a love of cutting dies as my background lies in Mechanical Engineering so I have had first hand experience of the process involved to create the many intricate dies that are produced. My Wife is the creative part of our business and she loves anything Cute, Pink or Disney. I do craft myself but not on a huge scale like the wife.

Have you always been creative or did your talent evolve over time?

I am gradually becoming more creative as I see all the new product releases from the many companies I deal with for stock supplies and it is making me think more like a maker plus I get badgered a lot from the wife and her Crafty Friends to make things, lol.

Elaine with Dawn Bibby

What is it that you enjoy most about your work?

For me the most enjoyable part of my work is getting to look at and try new products before they hit our Online shop. Elaine my wife loves the fact that she has the prime pickings of all the new goodies as they arrive.

Have you achieved anything in your crafting life that you are particularly proud of?

I have met several Crafting celebs over my time as a Craft business including Debbie Moore, Dawn Bibby to name a few but I think my best achievement was as a Scout leader being able to get so many young people to pass their Craft badge and then go on to continue crafting.

Other than crafting what else do you like to do?

Besides crafting and running the business I like to pursue Archery of which I am a GNAS qualified instructor. I also read, Listen to music and do DIY.

If you had to choose your favourite from your creations, which would it be?

An Elvis Presley Wood Burning I did at High School.

What advice would you offer to someone new starting out in the craft world?

I would advise to attend craft fairs where they have make and takes especially the Creative Craft Live ones. Where there is chance to try a few different crafts and try several different crafts before settling on one.

If you could change one thing about what you do, what would it be?

If I could change anything it would be to keep more up to date than i do with new products.

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What do you think has helped your business the most?

I think having my own website has helped my business the most as now I have a World Wide audience to sell my craft supplies to as before I was limited just to UK sales.

Has any person helped or supported you more than any other?

Yes my wife Elaine has been my Rock from the very beginning of me setting up the business as I didn’t have a clue as to what to sell or how to sell it and she was so supportive and knowledgeable.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I was once a semi professional singer

How would our readers find you?

Our Website is our facebook page is laneyscraftycreations and we now have a shop on

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