An Interview With Heather’s Craft Studio

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Mixed Media Artist & Sculptor

Tell us a bit about the artist behind your beautiful creations.

Hi, I’m Heather, a Mixed Media Artist and Sculptor living in central Scotland with my husband, my youngest daughter and my two fur-babies (German Shepherds).
I work .… no… can’t really call it work! ….. I ‘play’ from my studio at home, which is a converted spare room, in my pj’s mostly!  I work with various clays and mediums – hands on, messy fun!
I absolutely love what I do and feel I’m truly blessed to be a creative and to have the opportunity to do what I love every day.
It’s with a teachable heart, and a ‘Yes I can’ approach to everything that inspires me, that keeps me all motivated and eager to learn something new.

Have you always been creative or did your talent evolve over time?

Ohhh yes!  Always been creative from as far back as I can remember.

I’ve made so many arty and crafty things over the years but I’d have to say that my current creative work (sculpting) has certainly evolved over time. I started sculpting with polymer clay, making embellishments for my mixed media art. I got hooked, but over time, as my motivation grew, so did my sculptures and I started looking at other sculpting mediums.
With practice and learning how to use my clays, my work style and technique has changed & improved, I’m inspired by so so many things (shapes, texture, nature, 3D, colours, fantasy film & art, drawings …Gosh!, I could honestly go on and on) that its difficult not to grow and evolve as you learn more.

What is it that you enjoy most about your work?

The freedom of working for myself is a huge plus for me but mostly I love getting lost in whatever project I am working on, I stick on my country music cd’s as I work and I just zone out. I look up and find what seems like 10 mins passing has actually been 3 hours!

Also,my mixed media style of work with all the texture paste and embellishments is immensely enjoyable, it fulfils and ticks almost every box for the things that inspire me.
However, its sculpting big projects that is putting a fire in my belly these days, it occupies most of my brain space, and what gets me leaping out of bed at 7am every morning.

Have you achieved anything in your crafting life that you are particularly proud of?

Oh loads! What’s standing out for an older project is a Woodland Faerie Dollhouse I made from various mediums but predominately paper mache and the little furniture I made to go inside. I have videos of it up on my YouTube channel.


A more recent project was a sculpture of an elephant head (again on my YouTube channel) I made using an outdoor sculpting medium called Pal Tiya Premium. It was the first sculpture I had attempted at that scale and when I finished, I thought ‘I can actually do this!’  It gave me a huge confidence boost as a sculptor and he’s very special to me.

Other than crafting what else do you like to do?

Wait for it!….When I have some down time, which sadly isn’t often these days, I play an online multiplayer game called ‘World of Warcraft’ where I’m a warrior in a fantasy world of dragons and goblins!, I know right, who knew?!! hehe   As you can imagine the game has always been a huge inspiration for my work.

If you had to choose your favourite from your creations, which would it be?

Hmm, well I’ve already told you about my elephant bust so next would be a dragon head bust I did a few years ago. He took me a little while with the armature and epoxie sculpt, but I loved how he turned out, he’s definitely one of my top 5 favs.

I have a fascination for sculpting ugly faces on things like bottles, jars and books etc (on a small scale) but for large projects, forest/tree faces is a top favourite. I made a birdbath sculpture inspired by trees and faces and he sits in my garden amongst the potted plants!

What advice would you offer to someone new starting out in the craft world?

Find something that gets you excited, something that truly inspires you and go for it, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, there is no mistakes – its all a journey to find your own style.  Join a workshop, look for a tutorial on YouTube (its bursting with tips and techniques), it will help with confidence if you’re not sure where to start… oh and practice, practice, practice!

If you could change one thing about what you do, what would it be?

I’m sure most creatives will feel the same as this – I am a maker, I like ‘doing’, I want to be inspired and I love that I am passionate about my projects…. On the flip side is the business side of things, which just makes me groan. The promotion and selling and tax returns of the business life kills my buzz!  What I would change is to find a balance. I procrastinate – I need to change that….. or get someone to do it for me… yes, lets do that! haha

What do you think has helped your business the most?

For my mixed media work, its very difficult to describe to someone who isn’t in the art world what my style of mixed media is, so fairs and events for artists / handmade work has helped me tremendously. People see and touch it and I always get the ‘oooh, I love this!, I haven’t seen this kind of work before’ comments.
Also, I supply a gift shop called ‘Something Different on the High Street’ in Cowdenbeath. They sell a lot of my work for me – woop!

For my sculpting classes its doing demo’s that has helped. People like to see the process so I try to show as much of that as possible.

Has any person helped or supported you more than any other?

My husband, Dave. If it wasn’t for him my daily life would be a very different story. He is my biggest fan! He gave me the push to leave mainstream work and gave me freedom to grow creatively. I couldn’t be more grateful to him.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

Hmm, let me see, I have 3 gorgeous grandsons (all teenagers now)…. I know, I don’t look old enough, right?! hehe.

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  1. Audrey Wright

    Great interview Heather met you at a craft fair a few years ago and have been a fan ever since your work is amazing x