Tales From The Table – Support Small Businesses – By Eating Everything

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You get to see a lot of things from behind a trader’s table at makers’ markets and craft fairs,  and meet quite the range of people! Lisa has been selling at a variety of events since she was a teenager, and some of her tales are cautionary, some simply amusing, but all of them, honestly are true.

Support Small Businesses – By Eating Everything

Few things make me look forward to, and also dread, a makers market like seeing on the pre-event booking form or promotion “food stalls”. Hands up if you’ve also got poor impulse control…

In the run up, I steel myself. I pack sandwiches, crisps and a cheeky satsuma. I’m realistic though, I know I’ll cave, so I agree with myself that I’ll have a coffee there, and pick up a fresh brownie or hand raised pie to be my craft fair treat. Come the morning of the event, and I’m set up and sipping delightful barista coffee inevitably served from a converted VW camper van or Citreon 2CV.

That’s when the smell starts. Some swine is cooking wood fired pizza, or heating chunky sausage rolls. Breakfast was two and a half hours ago, and it’s only 9.45. I stay behind my stall, and proudly think of my packed lunch. It’s now 10.30. Really, breakfast was a long time ago. And I’ll need to eat lunch at about half one, to see me through to dinner at about eight… So I get a Hawaiian slice, or sausage roll, and awkwardly mumble through it at customers. Yes, it is nice, bugger off for a minute and let me eat it.

Treat for the day consumed, I’m done now. Lunchtime sandwich and crisps are crunched. Satsuma awaits for the afternoon. Well done me for planning ahead, let’s pop to the loo. Blimey, look at those cakes. Nope. Nope. Nope. Cake. Nope. But it is unusual cake. Nope. To be fair, I’m on my feet all day. Ok, afternoon treat. Cake! Poor satsuma.

Blimey, I’m fading a bit, still an hour and half left, then pack up and travel too. Uhh, I need another coffee. It’s practically medicinal. Mocha? Let’s be posh, I can’t do that at home. Don’t look at the handmade chocolates. Or the cheese. Or the chutney stall. Free sample? Go on. Ooh, husband would love a jar of that, I’ll take one.

Packing up, (whoops, almost flattened the satsuma) and the Indian food lady is offering things half price. They do look much nicer than what’s in the freezer. Those samosas are huge. Right, I don’t want to wait ages for dinner to cook when I get in, so two of those and I’ll pop chips in. Oh, husband can open his chutney! That’s a good plan.

Hello dear. Was it a good event? Excellent! How much money did I make? Er, well we’ve got a really nice dinner tonight… Fancy half a satsuma in the meantime?

Look out for Part Four of Tales From The Table next month.

Tales from the table are written and illustrated for Creative Crafting by Lisa Ward from Perfidious Jewellery
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