Getting ready for Valentines

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It’s only just New Year I hear you say! Yes it is but that means there is only just over a month until Valentines comes screaming around the corner so it’s best to be prepared isn’t it…

Stores hike up prices like craaaazzzzy for Valentines so why not get ready nice and early and create something yourself. They do say that it is the thought that counts and what could be better than going that extra mile and physically creating your gift or card.

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To get us in the mood here are some of the wonderful features from some of our back issues. Don’t forget that you can find the full magazines HERE

Catch The Love Bug

Featured in the February 2011 edition.
Written by Mirribeads

Feeling all giddy? Is your stomach filled with the fluttering of butterflies? Oh yes, you’ve caught the love bug all right. With valentines just around the corner, it’s high time you pass
it on to this special someone that’s making you float on cloud nine. To help you I’ve created a gorgeous love bug, for you to make.

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A secret valentines’ love message

Published in Issue 20, December 2012
Written by Nicola from Cutie and The Feast
What you will need
Some cardstock to use as the base of your card
Scraps of card or other embellishments as decoration
A long match
Double sided tape/glue to assemble your card.
Pilot  Frixon pen
Ordinary biro (in a colour that matches the Frixon pen).
Single hole punch
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Shabby Chic Heart Cushion

Published in Issue 21, February 2013
Written by Katie from old skool retro kitsch boutique
You will need:
Measuring Tape
Cushion Inner (18inch)
Lace 18 inches in length x 2 (if required)
Fabric enough for 18inches by 18 inches for the front panel
Fabric enough for 18inches across by 27 inches down for the back piece
Fabric – for heart detail on front
Sewing Machine
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