Blessings Jars & Champagne glasses, the perfect pair!

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I am Tonisha, the founder of MB Jars and Beyond.  The business is named in memory of my parents Mary and Billy, Jars because my first signature product was a Blessings Jar and Beyond to leave room for other products to be created.  I have been crafting for several years just for fun and would give my finished works away as gifts to friends and family.

In 2016 I saw a posting about a “Happiness Project,” you would put a note in the jar every time something good happens.  So, I took an old mason jar from my friend’s wedding and decorated it and started keeping notes.  I showed a couple of my friends my jar and told them what it was about and they asked me to make them a custom jar.  My friend Victoria coined these as Blessings Jars and I began to make these as gifts for all of my friends.  From my Blessings Jars, grew Baby Blessings Jars, the perfect baby shower gift.

Fast forward to 2018, I saw a flyer for a vendor opportunity and thought it would be a great chance to showcase some of my inspirational products I had been working on.  On August 21st MB Jars And Beyond was born and made its first appearance at a Women’s Expo on September 15th.

This expo was the launchpad to me pushing and promoting my business.  I added to my staple collection Inspirational Scripture cards, Wine Glasses, Celebration Glasses (champagne), Affirmation Canvas, Inspiration Plaques and of course my Blessings and Baby Blessings Jars.

For Valentine’s Day I am promoting my Celebration Glasses in a red and black glitter mix, but will also be taking custom requests.  I thank my shoppers for letting my creativity come alive in their custom orders.  I will also have stemless wine glasses for the single gals to enjoy wine, their favourite Valentine.  My products will also be available for purchase on February 9th at the Black RoyalTee Valentine’s Extravaganza.  You can find all the ways to reach me below as I Craft to Inspire!


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2 Responses

  1. Yolanda

    Great article very interesting creative ideas that are the results of a hobby.Good luck in your business.

  2. Mary

    Very beautiful and inspiring article!! Many blessing to you and your endeavors. 💕💕