The Fascinating World of Bullet Journaling

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February is Bullet Journal month at Creative Crafting.

What’s a Bullet Journal I hear you say – AWESOME! That’s what it is.

I discovered the system a couple of years ago and it is perfect for me for the following reasons:

  • I need to write things down a lot (as I’m getting on a bit).
  • I love stationery.
  • I’m creative so although I’m very organised it is in a very chaotic way so structure doesn’t always work for me.
  • I’m useless at forward planning how much space I need for things. I either leave too much or not enough.
  • I hate wasting paper and blank pages are a waste in my book.
  • My head is always full of ideas so being able to just write them down or draw them instantly is ideal.
  • It is the best excuse to buy lots of lovely notebooks and pens, pencils, crayons (yes I got a massive box of crayons) etc.

I could go on but  you get the general idea.

If you would like to read about the original bullet journal system by  Ryder Carroll you can do so here 

The revolution of the bullet journal is enormous and the internet is packed full of images and blogs about it. It is bringing out the creativity in so many people and I like nothing more than to scroll through instagram and admire the beautiful pages that people share. I have to say that I am also incredibly jealous as mine are never anywhere near as pretty to look at but they don’t have to be. The main thing is that the system works for me and having lovely examples to look at by other people is just a bonus.

My favourite thing about the system?

I’d have to say that it is the continuity of it. If I have an idea and want to start tracking something or jot down notes I just turn to the next page. It doesn’t matter if I was doing something else before as that can carry on later. It’s remarkably liberating.

There are many more experienced journalers out there to tell you more about it and I will be bringing some of those to you over the next month so that you can enjoy it too. (If you blog about Bujo and would like to guest post or be added to our list of Bujo Bloggers please email me at

During February you will see amazing things in the form of:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Spreads
  • Trackers
  • Calendars
  • Collections
  • Lists
  • and many more

Over to you

If you would like to participate in any of the following please leave a comment or email me at

  • Guest Posts
  • Your blog included in our Bujo Blogger List
  • Your Instagram included in our Bullet Journalers of Instagram
  • Images of your Bujo Spreads in our example pages (with links of course)
  • You have Bujo supplies that you would like us to review and/or as a competition prize
  • Anything else Bujo related

I already have a fabulous journal review coming soon and a chance for you to win one of them for yourself.

Are you excited yet?

Don’t forget to leave a comment or email me at if you would like us to share your work.

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