A Scaramanga Hunter Leather Journal and one for you to WIN!

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The AWESOME folks at Scaramanga have sent us two of their gorgeous Large Leather Journals handmade from their exclusive Hunter Leather. One for us to play with at Creative Crafting and one for YOU to WIN!

I am a stationery hoarder and love a new journal to get my hands on. This one was no exception! It arrived in a gorgeous fabric bag (it’s own little home) which was an extra special touch. It’s leather cover is very tactile and feels beautifully soft under the fingertips. The first thing I noticed upon opening the journal is the thickness of the pages. If I was to use this book as a bullet journal I think I would struggle as I have a personal preference for lined paper in my journals but this would be ideal as a sketch book or art journal. As the pages are so thick you could use any media to create your art without the worry of ghosting.

The cover is very thick and perfect for protecting the book. It makes me think of old explorers journals in films. You can just imagine them scribbling in them on their adventures. Drawing diagrams, maps, writing stories. Just imagine it getting all roughed up and gaining even more character. I will be using mine to doodle in, creative calligraphy, sketches etc. I may even show you it’s progress from time to time. Thank you Scaramanga, I will treasure this.

As you can see I let Mr CC loose with it (he’s loves to draw) and he gave it a good test.

Who is Scaramanga?

Scaramanga offer a wide selection of beautiful homewares and accessories. They use unique Hunter leather, quality buffalo leather hides that are tough-wearing, give a large yield and have a bold varying leather grain that ages beautifully. It’s definitely worth having a wander through the website at the gorgeous products and while you are there read the Scaramanga Story. You will be pleased that you did.


Are you jealous yet? You don’t have to be as I have one of the fabulous Leather Journals for you too! Well, one of you.

If you would like a chance to be the new owner our extra journal you can enter here in a variety of different ways, or all of them if you’d like extra chances! Go on, you know you want to.

Win a Scaramanga Leather Journal with Creative Crafting




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