Bullet Journaling… what’s it all about and why do I love it!

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My journey to bullet journaling started with a childhood love of stationery. I was never happier than when perusing the shelves of WHSmiths or Memo. My favourite part of school was getting my new pencil case and supplies organised at the start of term. I LOVE the smell of a new pencil case.

Fast forward 20 years and very little has changed. A new project for me is an excuse to get a new notebook, where else will I put all my notes and to-do lists?

I am a life long list-oholic, (no project could ever be completed without one), so in some ways I’ve been bullet journaling my whole life. Having said that, bullet journaling is so much more than just lists.

When I first read about Bullet Journaling (whilst browsing Pinterest) I just knew it was for me. Somewhere to plan and organise my life, set goals and track progress, but also a place to be creative. An excuse to get out my colouring pencils and pens and have a fabulous couple of hours letting my creativity run wild.

So what is a bullet journal?

For me it is a hybrid of a diary, a planner, a journal and a notebook. It’s whatever I need it to be. To someone new to the hobby there can be a lot of confusing terminology. I have popped a glossary of terms you may come across at the bottom of the page. Terms included in the glossary are marked with *.

What do I need to bullet journal?

Technically all you need is a notebook and a pen/pencil. However as a stationery lover I have a few favourite pens and pencils that I use to embellish my journal. (I’ve written a blog post all about my journaling kit if you want to take a look the link is at the bottom of this post).

Most people opt for a dot-grid journal, this allows for flexibility to draw/create on the pages with the dot’s giving guidelines for creating boxes on your spreads or writing in a straight line!

How do I start?

Each bullet journal starts for me with a future log*. This is important as your monthly/weekly/daily pages are usually created as you go, so the future log gives you somewhere to store this information until it is needed.

After the future log I create a monthly spread*. This contains the important dates/goals etc for the month. Creating my monthly spread lets me think about what I want to achieve and how I am progressing with my goals.

At the start of each week I create a weekly spread. This generally contains my “to-do’s” for the week, along with my habit tracker*.

Sprinkled in between these pages are any number of additional spreads depending on my needs.

*TV trackers for Netflix binges,

*Savings trackers for financial goals

*Quote pages (just because)

*Project to-do lists

The best part about bullet journaling is that it is the ultimate flexible tool. If I have time then I enjoy nothing better than creating detailed embellished pages. But if time is short then a simple to-do list for the busy day ahead is just as important. Some weeks I create a page (or ‘spread’) every day, other times a weekly spread is sufficient.

I can plan my weeks meals, track exercise, log savings and make travel plans, all depending on what my life looks like at any one time.

It was not long after starting my first Bullet Journal that I started thinking how I could make the process simpler. It is then that I created my first Bujo* stencil to help me create my monthly spread quickly and without having to count dots!

I shared my creation on social media and got so much fantastic feedback that I opened an Etsy shop selling my stencils – and that’s how Oops a Daisy was born! I have since launched my own website www.oopsadaisyuk.com where I share Bullet Journal tips and tricks, journal videos and the Oops a Daisy Blog. My online shop is now also on the website as well as my brand new #LoveDaisy Journal Subscription Box. Bullet Journaling really has changed my life!

Running my own business is challenging and rewarding, it demands that I am organised and creative… my bullet journal is now more important than ever!

My advice to anyone thinking about starting a Bullet Journal would be to JUST DO IT! Please don’t worry about rules or what other peoples pages look like. Its your journal and it will evolve with you, create a few pages and see what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Most of all enjoy it!

Happy Journaling

Jo – aka Oops a Daisy




Future Log – somewhere to store all future commitments/events/important dates for your diary for the next 6-12 months.

Spread – a journaling term for a page set up, ie a daily spread/weekly spread/monthly spread.

Habit Tracker – a place to track your completion of certain habits. For example hitting a daily step goal. Generally there will be a box for every day that it filled if the habit is completed.

BuJo – A shortened version of the term Bullet Journal


My Journaling Kit: www.oopsadaisyuk.com/my-journaling-kit

Future Log: www.oopsadaisyuk.com/future-log

LoveDaisy: www.oopsadaisyuk.com/love-daisy


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