Crafting with Lucy – An Introduction

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Hi there!
My name is Lucy and I have been writing my craft blog, Treasured Buttons for almost a year now. I enjoy dabbling in a variety of crafts as well as discovering new ones, with many lessons learnt along the way!
My crafting journey didn’t really begin until my early 20’s when I first discovered the art of card-making. Myself and a group of friends who I worked with at the time shared similar interests and we would each take it in turns to host an evening of card-making and natter! We would share materials and ideas, each making our own cards for upcoming occasions as well as putting the
world to rights at the same time. Over time however, our get-togethers became more about catching up rather than actually making anything but my interest in crafts continued to grow.

I discovered the wonderfully therapeutic art of cross-stitch and became interested in trying new crafts. My first introduction to a sewing machine of my own allowed me to explore basic patch working and I was keen to learn how to make use of all it’s bells and whistles – this continues to be a work in progress!

Fast- forward to early 2018 and I was due to return to work after having my 2nd son. However after considering several child care options, this was no longer viable and it was decided that I would become a stay-at-home mum. This is not something that I necessarily thought I would be but I knew that if it was going to work, I would also need to find my own personal outlet.

A bed fit for a Mer-cat!

A friend suggested that I get into blogging and that I should use my passion for craft as my subject. At first I was reluctant as I didn’t know anything about blogging but after a little research and a few gentle nudges from my friend, I began to seriously consider starting a blog of my own and the rest, as they say is history!

Over the past year I have featured a variety of crafts on the blog, ranging from bunting for my eldest’s pirate-themed birthday party to a cat bed and many more in between. Items that I have made for other people and more specifically the handful of nappy cakes that I have created are made all the more special when they can be personalised and this is a part of crafting that I really enjoy.

While it is often a challenge to find the time to develop the blog, it does give me a reason and excuse for completing all the many craft projects that I have wanted to try over the years, plus those that I have started but not finished! Despite this, I am always on the look out for new things to create. If something catches my eye, my first reaction is to think ‘But could I make that myself?’ – hence why I have a list of projects a mile long!

Look out for my crafting projects as I work alongside Creative Crafting over the coming months.

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2 Responses

  1. Kim shersby

    Lovely blog, good luck with your mile long list!
    How on earth do you fit in time to craft with two young boys?

  2. Tracey Apps

    Lovely blog. Excited to see your next projects. I have one for you to do x