Review – Blended Valley Essential Oils and Sinivalia

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Are you interested in essential oils and natural skincare?

The fabulous folk at Skinz22 have been kind enough to send us a selection of wonderful smelling goodies! Some are for us to play with (and we are going to smell awesome) and some are for us to GIVE AWAY to you!

I am no stranger to essential oils as my mum swears by them. From being a young teenager (eons ago) I was often being covered in oils when I had issues. They did work though so it was worth it. Aromatherapy is very popular and a vast subject if you look into it.

Skinz22 are a small UK based company who currently offer products by two labels, Blended Valley and Sinivalia.

Blended Valley create a lovely range of essential oils. Elemental Oils, Chakra Oils and Healing Oils.

In this review I will be discussing:

Blended Valley Heart Chakra Oil
Blended Valley Sleep Oil
Sinivala Aloe Vera and Lavender Body Lotion
Sinivala Carrot Face and Body Oil
Sinivala Rosehip Oil


A Blended Valley Wellbeing Aromatherapy Gift Set
Blended Valley Goddess, Attraction and Love and Mediation Oils

Heart Chakra Oil

A blend of Rose, Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood and Neroli essential oils in Apricot Kernel Oil and is suitable for chakra healing and chakra cleansing. A few drops can be placed on an aromatherapy diffuser or oil burner, or can be placed on jewellery and healing stones. As a retired Healing Jewellery designer the last option sounds very interesting to me.

The oil comes in a bright, colour box and is a good sized bottle (30ml) It is a glass bottle with a lovely big pipette dropper. This makes it idea for use as oils that have open topped bottles just go everywhere. Before long the entire bottle is greasy and unpleasant. Kudos to you Blended Valley! The smell of the oil is lovely and fruity, you can definitely smell the gorgeous Neroli and Lemon in there.

Sleep Essential Oil

An essential oil blend to help you sleep better. This aromatherapy oil is a natural sleeping aid with bergamot, chamomile, lavender and vetiver essential oils in apricot kernel oil. Sleep Oil can be applied to a sleeping mask for better rest and relaxation, or simply used with an aromatherapy diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser.

As with the Heart Chakra Oil above it comes in a lovely box and a great glass bottle with dropper. Once again, this is a bonus.

This oil has a much lighter aroma than the previous one. The smell is predominantly lavender which is understandable as it is such a well known sleep aid. I will be updating you on how effective this one is.

SINIVALIA Carrot Oil for Skin, Hair, Massage and Tanning

Carrot Oil Moisturiser and Anti -Ageing Cream For Dry, Oily and Sensitive Skin. It can be used on the face, hair and body as a massage oil and hair treatment. It always advertises itself as a tan accelerator.

Now I found this one to be very interesting. It’s in a lovely big 100ml bottle with another useful dropper which is an absolute must as this stuff is seriously ORANGE! Not really surprising as it is made from carrots but I was surprised at how orange it was. I think it is also to be used cautiously in very (very) small amounts as it does seem to stain. I was concerned that I’d end up looking like a tangerine but with a really really light application it doesn’t seem to. It did go into my skin really well and I can see that it may be a very good nourisher. Just be careful around your clothes and watch your application size.

SINIVALIA Aloe Vera and Lavender Body Lotion

Bringing together the potent richness and quickly absorbed hydration of Aloe Vera and the calming effects of lavender. This lotion has a lovely lavender smell and isn’t too greasy. It absorbs well into the skin. My only issue with it is the bottle. It is a fairly thin moisturiser and every time I used it I ended up with too much.

SINIVALIA Organic Rosehip Oil

Hydrates and plumps parched skin. Corrects dark spots and evens skin tone. Reduces the appearance of Scars. Ant ageing oil to reduce fine lines and spur tissue regeneration. Fights free radical photodamage.

Sounds fabulous doesn’t it! This one is going to be an ongoing review I think as it won’t work overnight. Once again it is in a glass bottle with the ever useful dropper. It doesn’t seem to have any smell to speak of at all. Look out for updates on whether this one works.

You can purchase all of the products above at and

Well that’s enough from me. Now let’s get to the bit you are really looking for!


The fabulous Skinz22  have sent us some more awesome aromatherapy oils for two lucky winners.


Before I leave you today I’d like to share a few beautiful handmade items that would work perfectly with Blended Valley Oils.

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