An Interview with Fiona Finlayson Art

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Tell us a bit about the artist behind your beautiful creations.

I live in Livingston, Scotland, with my partner and our lovely yellow Labrador, Dexter. I love travelling around the highland and islands of Scotland, especially Orkney.

Have you always been creative or did your talent evolve over time?

I have always drawn and painted since I was young and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Illustration and animation. I still love to paint and also enjoy knitting and of course, needle felting, which I started 18 months ago and is my main focus as I enjoy it so much.

What is it that you enjoy most about your work?

I always enjoyed 3D work at art college, so I love that part of needle felting and I adore animals, so it is a match made in heaven!

Have you achieved anything in your crafting life that you are particularly proud of?

I think setting up my Etsy shop and creating stock to sell at my first craft fair at the end of last year. It is lovely to sell your work directly and making bespoke portraits for special pets is such a special and rewarding thing to do. I also held my first beginner’s needle felting class and I loved to helping others to learn to needle felt.

Other than crafting what else do you like to do?

I like travelling and decorating my house with my eBay and charity shop finds.

If you had to choose your favourite from your creations, which would it be?

It’s hard as I kind of love them all but I think the sleepy Labrador, because it was modelled on Dexter and is has proved to be very popular.

What advice would you offer to someone new starting out in the craft world?

Make sure what you do makes you happy as it will show in your work.

If you could change one thing about what you do, what would it be?

To have more time, there are not enough hours in the day.

What do you think has helped your business the most?

I had a really good needle felt teacher who have great tips and suggestions and I am now trying to pass this on in my classes.

Has any person helped or supported you more than any other?

Nancy at Orkney Tweed in Kirkwall has been great. She was the first store to sell my work and has given my some lovely wool from her own Zwartbles flock to work with and I am looking forward to collaborating with her this year.

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

I have a collection of over 60 bottles of Gin!

How would our readers find you?

I am on Twitter and Instagram (@ffinlaysonart), Facebook (Fiona Finlayson Art) and my Etsy shop (ffinlaysonart)


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