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Occasionally we like to check in with some of our previous contributors to see what they have been up to.
Welcome back – Jane from Loopy’s Place

Jane contributed to Creative Crafting in 2013



It was such a lovely surprise to see Creative Crafting popping up in my newsfeed on Facebook again. Funnily enough, it had only been a couple of days before that I had been wondering what everyone was doing. Having made contact on the new group, Anna asked me if I’d be happy to tell everyone what I was doing now. Here’s a brief review.

My first contact with Creative Crafting was through one of the CRAFTfest events. My Facebook page was very new and it was the first time I had done an online event. My online business was so new, social media was something of a mystery and doing anything website related was like a foreign language. I had to learn very quickly how to resize photos, get a proper logo and learn new marketing skills. You can imagine how flabbergasted I was when I was asked if I would join the CRAFTfest team as one of the team leaders for the next event.
I am eternally grateful for the help and guidance that Anna and the other members of the team gave me, teaching me how to navigate the website and being the catalyst to getting to know so many other small business owners. For a short while, I was responsible for one of the Facebook pages too, getting to do some interviews with some talented artists.

At the time, I was home educating my boys while running Loopy’s Place. They were growing up quickly and my own business was taking up more of my time. I made the hard decision to stand back from both Craftfest and the Magazine, I couldn’t give them the attention they deserved. Very soon, the boys went to college, then left and went out into the world of work.

This marked a very big change in my life. It meant I now had to out of the house to work, but I couldn’t give up Loopy’s Place. It was a big part of who I was and I was very fortunate to find a job that meant I could run my own business at the same time. I spend four days a week for 38 weeks of the year, working as a Learning Support Assistant at a local college, the rest of the time, I’m here, still running my own business.

The business has changed focus over the years. I now concentrate on making bespoke items and quilts. And passing on my crafting knowledge to others. I run an online craft club, as well as stand alone classes and workshops. Last year, I published a calendar with a new craft project every month supported by online video tutorials and a Facebook group. This year I am hosting the free Loopy’s Sampler QAL. You can find out more information here.

To support the change of focus, I have a new website that went live at the beginning of the year. It will support the smoother running of the online craft club and means class pages are accessible immediately after purchase.
As well as my own blog on the website, I am a regular contributor on UK Quilters United website. I also have a YouTube channel where you can subscribe to keep up to date with lots of crafty hints and tips. I will be adding stitch guide and quilting blocks during the course of the year.

Over the coming months, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends old and new through the new look Creative Crafting.

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