Etsy joins the fight to reduce carbon emissions

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Etsy Becomes the First Global eCommerce Company to Completely Offset Carbon Emissions from Shipping

The daily fight that we all face against Global Warming is never far from the news. Where many changes are part of the ecological cycle of our planet it is impossible to ignore the facts that as a species we have done it great harm and continue to do so.

It is important for us all to play our part in reducing any future effects that we have. This isn’t made any easier by our modern lifestyles. We live in a world where everything comes to us. We no longer have to make the effort to go out into our local towns and fetch our purchases ourselves. Not that I am complaining! I live in a very rural location and having everything I need delivered to my door has become an essential part of my world. But all of these fabulous things cause a lot of packaging to be used. Boxes, bags, packaging materials, delivery costs, fuel, sorting machines… The list is endless!

When I learnt of the new Etsy initiative I just had to write a post about it for our magazine. I will use their words to tell you about it, please see below.


As a global marketplace, Etsy has always been conscious of our ecological impact. In 2016, we committed to powering our operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2020. Our trail-blazing Power Purchase Agreement to enable the development of a new solar farm, migration to the Google Cloud Platform, and installation of solar panels at our offices place us firmly on track to meet that goal. We also achieved our goal of running zero waste operations globally in 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

While we’re pleased with the progress within our operations, I believe we must hold ourselves to an even higher standard. 98 percent of Etsy’s total emissions stem from items shipped from our sellers to our buyers. Although we do not actively manage this shipping process, we are in the position to do something about the environmental impact. That’s why, starting today, Etsy is becoming the first global ecommerce company to offset 100% of carbon emissions generated by shipping.

Now, each time someone buys an item on Etsy, we will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, more commonly known as “offsets”, through our partner 3Degrees. These purchases support environmental projects, including protecting forests that improve air quality and absorb carbon, sponsoring wind and solar farms that generate clean energy and replace fossil fuels, and developing greener methods for producing auto parts.

If you would like to read the full article and discover all of the wonderful projects that are being helped please follow this link to the main article 


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