The Handmade Garden

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I do everything by hand in my garden I hear you say!

That isn’t what I mean. What I plan to bring to you in this series of articles is all of the fabulous ideas I can find for creating things for your garden and accessories to help you in your garden. For those of you that don’t feel like making the items yourselves don’t worry, I have a ready supply of beautifully handmade items ready to be shipped your way.

If you would like to get involved and add an article or two yourself, I would LOVE that and you can email them to me at (Please add some images too).

Are you a company that supplies garden accessories or tools that would compliment the series. Do get in touch as I would be happy to spread the word about you and your products.

Now, where do we start?

There are just SO many things to cover in the garden aren’t there! The sky really is the limit. As the weather gets better (and I’m saying this with my fingers crossed as it’s taking it’s sweet time) the garden begins to call to us. What shall we do first?

Crafty Accessories to aid with seed planting

Spring is the time when many seeds need to be planted. Sometimes a crafty accessories can make the job quicker and easier. Such as:

Seed Planting Rulers

When planting seeds it’s important to space them adequately so that when the plants grow they are not too close together. It’s easy enough to do by eye but certain plants do need a specific amount of space so having a handy gadget can help.

How to make a seed planting ruler

by My Frugal Home

See that funny piece of wood with the holes in it? It’s a seed planting ruler, and it makes planting your garden faster and easier. Just lay it down in your garden bed, and drop seeds into the holes to get your spacing right and to keep your rows straight.

Erin from My Frugal Home shows us how HERE

Make Your Own Seed Tape for Easy Planting of Small Seeds

by LearningandYearning

Seed tape is a great product for planting your garden that has seeds embedded right into it. It’s perfect for planting tiny seeds like carrot that are difficult to space in the garden.

Susan from LearningandYearning shows us how to make some HERE

No time or inclination to make your own?

You can purchase something handmade and beautiful and it will be on it’s way to you and your garden.

Sowing Planting Ruler by LNWoodcraft
Sowing Planting Ruler by LNWoodcraft CLICK IMAGE TO BUY
Planting Ruler by Dalatho
Planting Ruler by Dalatho Click Image to BUY

Of course you will need somewhere suitable to keep all of your seeds

A biscuit tin or empty ice cream tub will suffice but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit more organised. Let’s see what I can find…

The Best Ways To Store Seeds

by The Spruce

This post is absolutely AWESOME! There are so many great ideas on here from pill sorters, to photo albums to filing cabinets. It’s a must read article if you are looking for a way to store your seeds.

Angela shares her ideas HERE

Make A Seed Box From Upcycled Shoe Boxes

By A Piece of Rainbow

Ananda is a home and garden designer who lives in California. Fed up with over-stuffed seed boxes she came up with a lovely design to make a much more organised system from an old shoe box.

Ananda show us how to make one HERE

Once again, you may prefer to purchase a ready made seed storage box.

I’ve found some lovely ones for you.

Personalised Floral Garden Seed Box by CloudsandCurrents
Personalised Floral Garden Seed Box by CloudsandCurrents Click Image to BUY
Quality Engraved Wooden Seed Box By ChesterandCooke
Quality Engraved Wooden Seed Box By ChesterandCooke Click Image to Buy
Personalised Seed Box By LoveEmmaDesign
Personalised Seed Box By LoveEmmaDesign Click Image to BUY

Look out for my next instalment of ‘The Handmade Garden’

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