Crafting with Lucy – A Nappy Cake Make!

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Lucy is back with us at Creative Crafting to share her latest creation!

Hi there,

My name is Lucy and I am the face behind the craft blog, Treasured Buttons. I enjoy a variety of crafts, from paper crafts to sewing but in recent years I have made several nappy cakes and it is one of these projects that I would like to share with you.

I made my first nappy cake about 3 years ago for a close friend of mine who was expecting her 2nd child. While helping to plan a baby shower for her, a mutual friend suggested ordering a nappy cake from online and while I agreed that it was a good idea I also wanted to have a go at making one myself and the rest, as they say is history! Since that first nappy cake, I have made several more mainly for friends, colleagues and family members of close friends.

I have made nappy cakes for those who have already found out what gender their baby is and for those that have not and it is often the latter that is more challenging. It seems that for several years now the trend has been for mums-to-be to find out what they are having and so shops seem to have catered for this by offering products in predominantly pink or blue. This then makes it quite tricky to find items such as muslin squares and baby grows that are in a neutral colour!

Once I have all the ‘ingredients’ for the nappy cake, I really enjoy laying them all out and designing how I will incorporate them together to create the cake itself. Despite having already made several, I am still learning new ways of how to use the different materials and easier techniques to create the same effects. For example when making my most recent nappy cake, I laid the nappies flat to create a circular shape rather than roll them individually and fasten each one with an elastic band before then making the shape of the cake. I much prefer this newly discovered method and it also saves on the elastic bands!

One aspect of crafting that I love to do and particularly when creating a nappy cake is being able to personalise what I have created to suit the recipient. If I am making a nappy cake for a girl and I know that the mum-to-be is particularly girlie, I will use frilly ribbons and add feminine touches to decorate the outside of the cake. Likewise when I was asked to make a nappy cake for a friend’s sister who knew that she was expecting a boy, I took the opportunity to try something different and decided to create a ‘nappy plane’ while also using the same materials that would be included in a more traditional cake. It was a big success (phew!) and I loved trying something new. I have not yet been asked to make a cake for a mum-to-be who has already named their baby but this would be really exciting and would take personalisation to another level. Who knows what the future holds?

Look out for Lucy with more of her craft projects in future issues.

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