The Paperbox Inspires Us To Create For Easter

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We had a lovely surprise the other week when we were sent a fabulous selection of paper supplies from The Paperbox Limited.

It’s been a busy time here at Creative Crafting so we still have to make some Easter cards with the lovely card blanks and envelopes but I have spent a fun few hours creating a few bits.

Paper Bunny Box

First, I used some of the thick paper (I chose pink) to make a great little box which will be perfect for filling with tiny eggs. This was super simple and would be easy enough for a young child to do with you.

I used a free downloadable printable which gave me everything that I needed. You can find the download at

Paper Flowers

I also made some lovely paper daffodils with the pale yellow and mint green card. These were a bit more tricky and more of a challenge if that it something that inspires you.

You can print the templates for these at

Handmade Gift Box

My eldest son really isn’t into chocolate (he doesn’t get this from me!), in fact he still has some of last years Easter Egg left (much to the disgust of my  youngest son). So this year I decided to go in a different direction with his gift. He has recently become addicted to the card game ‘Magic the Gathering’ so I purchased some new cards for him. I then used some of the silver non shed glitter card and aquamarine pearl card to create this lovely box. This was fun, it was my favourite to make by far.

There is a great video tutorial for this one. You can find it here

This tutorial is for a box with a paper daisy cut on the top but I just missed that bit out.

I still have a lovely selection of envelopes, cards and papers to use for Easter cards and I’m looking forward to making these with my boys over the next week or two.

The Paperbox Limited have a fabulous selection of paper supplies and accessories. They have a comprehensive selection of items that would be perfect for making wedding invitations etc.

Here is more information about The Paperbox from the company themselves.

Why Choose The Paperbox?

The Paperbox has just one mission, and that’s to provide a consistent, reliable source of quality craft materials.

Over the years as the company has developed, we’ve outgrown multiple premises until we finally moved into our very own purpose built factory in 2016. It’s from here that our products are carefully and responsibly sourced, cut and creased to order and lovingly packaged for delivery.

So whether you’re a designer, an excited bride or groom, casual card maker or first time dabbler in crafts; let us help you bring your visions to life.

Remember; whatever the occasion, make it personal.



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