Crafting With Lucy – A Recycled Peg Bag

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Hi There,

I’m Lucy from Treasured Buttons and I thought I would share my latest creation with you. I love to have a go at a variety of crafts and projects but particularly enjoy using my sewing machine to create. Here is a project that I have had on my list for quite a while now and have finally been able to find time to complete!


With the recent warm weather over the Easter period, I have taken great pleasure in being able to hang my washing on the line to dry – is this a sign of age?! For several summers now I have got the same old peg bag out, hung it on the line and thought that I must replace it before the season is out and yet here we are!

I have had a pattern for a simple peg bag waiting in the wings for some time now so the next job was to find some fabric, of which I needed two contrasting pieces. I have a small hoard of fabric pieces waiting to be used so was hopeful that I would be able to find something that would be suitable without having to buy anymore. As I progress in my crafting journey, I find that I am increasingly interested in re-using resources and materials. While this obviously has a financial benefit, I also don’t like the idea of throwing anything away if it has the potential to be put to good use. In light of this, the floral fabric that I chose was once left over from that used by my mum to make a summer top and the yellow fabric was from a pair of curtains – recycling at its best!

The pattern that I had chosen was simple to follow and once I had created the paper templates to use, I was able to cut the fabric – my favourite part of any fabric project. While I have made several  pieces requiring me to follow a pattern, I still see myself as a bit of a novice and until now hadn’t made anything which was lined. Once I had cut all the required pieces of fabric, I have to admit that it did take some working out how to position the fabric for sewing – particularly with two boisterous boys running around! For me this just adds to my sense of achievement in completing a successful project, knowing that it has made me think about what I am doing and learn more skills.

Having made the final stitch, I took great pleasure in turning the fabric out the right way and revealing the final piece. I am really pleased with how my peg bag turned out and promptly filled it with my clothes pegs, gladly getting rid of my old tatty one. I will happily be hanging my washing out on the line in the coming months – surely this is a sign of age!


Hope to see you all soon,

Lucy x

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