Ask Michael – How can I make the edges of my knitting look even?

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You may remember the other week when we started our new series – Ask Michael.

Michael Harrigan – The Master Knitter is on hand to answer all of your knitting questions. Read more HERE 

This is a question that has come up frequently:

How can I make the edges of my knitting look even?

Here is Michael’s Answer:

Here’s a method you can use whether you’re knitting in Garter stitch, Stockinette stitch, Seed stitch, or other stitch patterns:
Slip the first stitch from your left needle to your right needle (inserting your right needle from left to right in the stitch). Work the remaining stitches of the row as planned until you reach the last stitch. Purl this stitch (regardless of the stitch pattern).
Do this with the first and last stitch on every row, and you’ll have a smooth, chained edge – that looks attractive and makes for straight sides to your knitting.


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