Garden Call Out – Growing Cucumbers

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We have many projects underway in the garden right now as you will hear over the coming months.

After a fruitful visit to the garden centre we picked up two cucumber plants. I’ve been wanting to grow some for a few years now as I love them and store bought ones just don’t taste the same as they used to do they!

Today we would like to ask all of you budding gardeners out there for your advice on growing cucumbers. We have a few options for our plants.

Should we:

  • Grown them in large pots on the patio (concerned about an abundance of slugs for this option)
  • Grow them in hanging baskets
  • Grown them inside our porch which has large glass windows so is practically a greenhouse.

Please get in touch and let us know which option you think would be the best.

Are there any tips we should know?

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