Craft Blogs To Follow in 2019 – June Edition

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Do you love to read craft blogs?

I love to discover new ones but it can be a bit of a job to track them down. So I have been creating a list of

Craft Blogs To Follow in 2019.

Do you think you should be on it? Tell me about yourself and your blog in the comments or contact me HERE

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their blogs to me.

The June list so far:

Heart Handmade UK

Welcome to Hearthandmade UK! My name is Claire and I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a Chronically ill, disabled blogger and Heart Handmade UK is my Happy Haven. At heart handmade UK we provide high ROI DIY tutorials that you can make quickly and easily. I think you’ll really enjoy them and I’d love you to take a look.


Emma Varnam Designs

For nearly ten years I have had a successful crochet and knitting design career. I enjoy balancing my daily need to be creative with sharing my experiences and inspiration on this blog.


The Crafty Gentleman

I’m a self-confessed craft addict. I passionately believe that crafting is not just for women! So I set up this blog to celebrate the diversity of making things (and to hopefully encourage a few more men to into the world of crafts). I post original DIY & craft projects, recipes, tips and crafty inspiration, all from my home in Nottingham, England.


The Gingerbread House

My name is Jenny. I’m a West London mum of two (born 2010 and 2011). I started The Gingerbread House blog back in 2005 and it has grown along with me – charting my working life, engagement, marriage, the birth of my two gorgeous children and my return to work. I work part-time in a Secondary school and juggle family, working life and my blog.


Bettes Makes

I’m Bette, the craft maker and writer behind this blog. I am based in Vancouver Canada as the resident DIY crafts and DIY Home Decor blogger. I am a international best-selling author with books translated into 7 plus languages. I started at an early age making my own clothes, home decor and even won a girl scout (guide) contest for creating the best gadgets for our outdoor camp! I have never stopped! Best of fall – my family of artists. Both my daughters are extremely creative. Carina is a master knitter, an artist, and imaginarian with all types and mediums of art. I lo❤ve learning from her! Maren is a quilter and gardener along side being a Yoga Instructor. All 3 of us are writers.



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